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8AM business meeting to 10AM gril's brunch to 3pm mid day bites with the kids. And everything between. 

Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Pizza.

Three years after the first Soco opened in Centro the second location, Soco Norte welcomed the guests in April 2021 approaching the community with a different vision. 


If the first Soco located in el Centro focused on the contemporary style of centro, Norte is the culinary heaven. At Soco Norte we work to enhance the customers’ palate with the freshest ingredients and flavors while providing each customer with personal care and service. 


Over the years we have been trying to develop a deeper and more personal connection with the customers. We truly believe that all customers deserve to know where food is sourced and what the ingredients are. We value and appreciate locally grown fresh ingredients and prioritize using them whenever possible. 


And it became the foundation of the layout of the restaurant. At Soco Norte, the kitchen is naked. It’s completely opened to the public proudly showing the freshest ingredients and astonishing skills and any customers walking by can see right through the whole scenario. We hope that the experience delivers the total transparency and accountancy we promise our customers. 


The menu of Soco Norte presents a more diverse range of palates. We took some of the most popular dishes of Mexico and twisted them with our modern interpretation. Some of the ingredients were readjusted to alter the changed flavor profile and it allows us serve the beautiful Mexican food we are proud of, in our own Soco way. 


You will notice the change of fruits and vegetables on particular dishes as we aim to use in-season, locally harvested produce. Come check out what we have for you this week! 

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