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Mexican tradition on a slice of Soco

On our menu, you will find dishes you wouldn’t expect to see at a bakery specializing sourdough and French pastries, like Huevos Rancheros, a very typical Mexican breakfast dish normally served with tortillas. 
We took some of the most popular dishes of Mexico, and twisted them with our modern interpretation. The biggest change is of course, the sourdough replacing the tortilla as the base of the dish but we’ve also readjusted some ingredients to alter that changed flavor profile. This allows us serve the beautiful Mexican food we are proud of, in our own Soco way.


Fresh ingredients

We value and appreciate locally grown, fresh ingredients and are passionate using them whenever possible. In-season, locally harvested produce is always fresher and tastes better. Merida doesn’t go through dramatic seasonal changes in produce like other parts of the world, but it still does in some bits. You will see the change of fruits and vegetables on some dishes time to time as we aim to serve you the freshest and tastiest food. Come check out what we ‘ve got prepared for you this week.


Being one of the world’s largest exporter of coffee, various high-quality coffees are produced in Mexico and we like to spoil our customers with GREAT Mexican coffee. 

We currently present three types: Garnica from Altura Coatepec, Veracruz Typica y Bourbon from Cosautlan, Veracruz, and Pluma from Oaxaca. 


And more..

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