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Since the small bakery on calle 51 first opened its door in April 2018, the hard work has never stopped.


Inspired by travel and a passion for GOOD bread, we started the bakery with one goal in mind; changing the bread culture in Merida, providing the best sourdough and pastries that Merida had never seen before.

Bread. Specialty coffee. Brunch.

Located in the heart of the most chic neighborhood of old town, the front restaurant lays a unique personality as you walk in with the original colonial style interior with a bit of modern touch. 

Welcomed by friendly baristas, you will be astonished by the glass counter filled with tons of colors and flavors.  You can also look right into the open kitchen which shares the excitement of the creative menu. 


Following the open kitchen is the bakery divided in three room: the baking room, the cold room, and the fermentation room. This is where the eyes of Andres’ shine the most—for him, baking is more than making bread; it’s a problem-solving journey that requires a wide range of skills and fortitude throughout the process. Ability to understand why ingredients are the way they are, creativity to explore solutions, brevity and willingness to accept and experiment with unpopular methods. 


The very first thing that came out of the bakery was loaves of sourdough with Andres’ special mother dough, which you can still find on the counter every morning. Each loaf of the sourdough takes 20 hours, from mixing the ingredients to taking the fresh bread out of the oven. They are the results of a solid understanding of each element and an innovative baking process that constantly improves to adapt to the ever changing physical conditions.


We encourage everyone at Soco to bring the passion and express the creativity and it shows in everything we do. And we love that we can share it with you. Come check the bakery today, you might find something new on the counter even before it gets to the menu! 

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